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Is Lip Blush Worth It?

Any makeup technique that's even slightly permanent requires research. You may have noticed that some people call lip blush a permanent technique, while you always believed it's temporary. Let's clear this confusion. Lip blush treatment fades over time, so it isn't visible to the naked eye. However, since the pigment is forever etched into the skin unless professionally removed, it's considered permanent by some.

For those who still don't know what this exactly is, we're here to solve ALL your queries and concerns regarding lip blush treatment. To begin, let's talk about this semi-permanent makeup technique that everyone's going gaga over. Lip blush uses a machine similar to a tattoo gun to deposit a pigment of your choice onto the lip's dermis, resulting in fuller and more defined lips.

What Does Lip Blush Do?

Think of a lip blush as a tattoo. It has gained popularity due to the natural-looking results it produces. The result may be slightly similar to lip fillers but bear in mind that lip blush does not alter the shape or volume of the lips. If that's what you expect, this might not be the right procedure for you.

Instead, it creates definition and symmetry, gives the illusion of fuller lips, and covers any dark spots or pigmentation on the skin. Most people opt for lip blush as it gives a rosy tint to the lips without needing to apply lipstick or lip tint or spend time lining them.

Much like microblading, lip blush treatment enhances the existing feature and saves time you'd spend decking up your eyebrows or lips respectively. Who doesn't like waking with soft, flushed lips? If that's your aim, lip blush is definitely worth a shot!

Who Can Benefit From Lip Blush?

lip blush treatment

To be fair, anyone can enjoy a rosy hue to the lips, but this semi-permanent makeup technique may prove to be extremely viable for working moms or busy individuals who don't have the time to spend perfecting their lip shape or even refreshing a coat of lipstick amidst their jam-packed schedule.

Women and men who lack lip symmetry or definition can make the shape of their lips more prominent with lip blush treatment. This helps you evade the hassle of using lip liners first to create a proper lip shape or symmetry and then using lipstick to fill in the color.

People with discolored lips due to aging, sun exposure, smoking, or excess caffeine can use lip blush to cover up any dark spots or pigmentation. The pigment from this treatment evens out the color of the lips, ensuring the lipstick is one coherent color when you apply it.

Who Wouldn't Like Lip Blush?

If you have very thin lips and would like to gain some thickness for a more luscious pout, you would find lip blush treatment ineffective and incomplete. This minimalistic procedure does not fill the lips, so the results are slightly more distinct and colored lips without any visible change to the actual shape or volume.

If you want to add volume and alter the shape of your lips, you should consider lip fillers and lip injections, considering the pros and cons of each method. Remember that there is no right and wrong choice between lip blush and lip fillers-it's all a matter of personal preference.

Why Lip Blush, Is Worth it?

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If lip blush treatment matches your goal of getting rosier lips or more definition, it gets much-deserved thumbs up from us for multiple reasons.

  • It is a time-saving technique in today's fast-paced world. You can literally wake up and step out with rosier lips without the need to apply any makeup!
  • Lip blush experts are like artists and can cover up any lack of symmetry better than a layperson using liners, lipsticks, and tints daily.
  • Lip blush pigment does not smudge like lipstick, so you wouldn't need to apply and re-apply coats every time you eat or drink.
  • Most people fail to get the exact lip shade color on their lips due to discoloration. Lip blush allows the lipstick application to really shine.
  • Lip blush treatment can last up to 5 years and may fade away faster due to sun exposure, oily skin, and smoking. Hence, it has got you covered for a good, long time!
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