What Experts Have to Say about Microblading Eyebrows

What Experts Have to Say about Microblading Eyebrows

Eyebrows are undoubtedly one of our most significant features. The next time you like someone’s eyebrows, tell them. They are going to love it. If you want gorgeous eyebrows that people envy you for but are on the fence due to all the horrifying stories of microblading gone wrong.

Experts say that the safety of the treatment majorly depends on the technician you choose.

How Do I Choose The Best Place For Microblading Near Me?


The key is to research. Shortlist the top three and find out about them. Please know that the best one is not always the cheapest one, especially in this case. At the same time, a higher price does not guarantee quality. So choose wisely. Dermatologists do not perform the procedure but they can guide you through a process and recommend some reputable and licensed professionals. So ask your dermatologist.

Ask Your Friends

If you know people who have microbladed eyebrows, ask them about their experiences and recommendations. See if you like the results on them.

Technician’s Background

Even though microblading is a much less invasive technique than tattooing and there is zero downtime, the risks of infections remain. So a reputable technician and a sterile environment is a must. Make sure your technician has extensive knowledge and background in skincare which includes permanent makeup and blood-borne pathogens certificates.

Find everything about them. Where did they train? How long have they been in the industry? Make a checklist and make sure your technician ticks all the boxes.

Safety Standards and Procedures

Do not blindly trust your artist’s online portfolio. Trust videos more than the before and after photos, a little use of Photoshop can disrupt the reality.  See if they are wearing gloves or the tools were completely wrapped before he/she began to use them.

Also, if the artist relies solely on stencils to measure the eyebrows, means they are not well-versed.

The Pigment

Look out for the pigment your technician uses. If you are considering getting your eyebrows microbladed, you probably fill in your brows with a pencil or powder. What color do you use? A shade of brown, we hope.  Even the blackest brows are not filled in with something black in color.  If your technician uses a black pigment, walk out immediately.


Most technicians offer consultation without having to ask for. So go to the one who offers free consultation along with a free touch up after your treatment.  Prepare a list of questions and ask each one. Be leery of any technician who brushes off your concerns.

With free consultation often comes a complimentary allergy patch test. Do not proceed with the treatment without getting a test done. Patch tests are crucial to rule out any allergies to the products being used.

Hope you will now be able to select the best technician near you. Contact us for consultation.

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