Want Fuller and Thicker Eyebrows? Try Microblading

Want Fuller and Thicker Eyebrows? Try Microblading

In 2018, it was reported that almost 80 million women in America used eyebrow pencils to fill in their eyebrows to achieve the perfect shape and thickness. Apart from eyebrow pencil and pomade, there is a range of other transformative tools and treatments available.

In the quest for Keira Knightley-worthy eyebrows, if you spend good 5 minutes on your eyebrows every day, you have probably wondered if there is an easier way. Discover the world of microblading.

What Is Microblading?

Also sometimes referred to as eyebrow embroidery, microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that uses a specialized pen to make superficial incisions in the top layer of the dermis. The pigment is then implanted in the layer. The pen draws hair-like strokes, imitating the appearance of real brow hair.

If you have thin, sparse or out of shape eyebrows, you are the perfect candidate for microblading.

Six Benefits of Microblading

Microblading is the perfect solution to your eyebrow problems. Some of its benefits include the following:

Wake Up to Perfect Eyebrows Everyday

If you are a working woman, you probably spend a good amount of time and effort on shaping your eyebrows every morning. At 7 am when you already have a crunch on time, filling in and later wiping your brows can be a tiresome task. Microbladed eyebrows don’t need to be cleaned off.

No Smudges or Smears

Eyebrow pencils or pomades can easily smudge or smear. If you get your brows microbladed, you don’t have to worry about water or sweat ruining your brows. Whether its workout or volleyball, be as physically active you like.

Microblading Is a One-Time Investment

A typical session of microblading is about 2 to 2.5 hours long. Assuming you spend 5 minutes on shaping your brows every day, you save 1825 minutes a year with these worry-free eyebrows. They last for up to 3 years depending on your skin type, environmental factors, and frequency of touch-ups.

One Cannot Spot the Difference

It is almost impossible to tell the difference between naturally thick eyebrows and microbladed ones. The crisp, natural-looking result makes it very difficult for a layman to tell that you have had the treatment done.

Regain Lost Eyebrows

Over plucking is not always the reason behind sparse eyebrows. An illness or chemotherapy can also lead to eyebrow thinning. In fact, microblading was originally founded for cancer patients who lost brow hair due to chemotherapy. Microblading helps them regain not only their eyebrows but also confidence.

Microshading and Microfeathering

Microblading recreates the entire eyebrow. So those who don’t prefer perfectly defined eyebrows and want a softly filled in look can consider microshading. Micro feathering, on the other hand, injects pigment only where needed. It is a great option for those who only want the areas with sparse hair to be filled in.

Say goodbye to your brow pencils and look for a professional artist near you today.

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