Ombre Brows Vs Microblading: Which is The Best Option for You?

Ombre Brows Vs Microblading: Which is The Best Option for You?

The world has always been obsessed with beauty (even though the perception of beauty is ever-evolving). And throughout the ages, women have strived to look beautiful in every way possible.

Eyebrow beauty trends are also similarly evolving. While permanent tattoos were popular a few decades ago, they left many women with permanently discolored eyebrows.

Women today are therefore switching to safer, more realistic looking options such as eyebrow microblading and ombre brows.

Here are a few key pieces of information to help you understand which option you should opt for if you want to give your eyebrows a makeover.

What Is the Difference Between Ombre Brows and Eyebrow Microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is an alternative to permanent eyebrow tattoos. While permanent tattoos involve an electronic gadget penetrating deep into the skin, Microblading involves manually making tiny incisions on the surface of the skin, by implanting featherlike strokes.

The goal is to create an illusion of fuller brows.  Each hair is created separately and the result is natural-looking, fuller eyebrows.

Ombre brows on the other hand, are similar to permanent eyebrow tattoos because this technique involves the application of thousands of micro dots of pigment into the skin.

The difference between this technique and traditional eyebrow tattoos is that, unlike traditional tattoos, this technique is done on the epidermis of the skin.

The result: natural-looking, fuller brows with that powdered look.

In keeping with the name, the tail of the brow is darker than the head, hence, ombre brows. The final look is similar to always having makeup on.

Which One is Less Painful?

Regardless of the procedure you opt for, you are not likely to feel too much pain because the tattoo artist will numb the area before beginning the process.

Do keep in mind that microblading may be painful because of the incisions being made and there is likely to be some blood.

Ombre brows are not incisive and will not cause you to bleed. An air brushing technique is mostly applied in this case and although there will be minor discomfort (because of the needle being used), it is not unbearable.

Which One Lasts Longer?

Both microblading and ombre brows are semi-permanent treatments. This means neither of them lasts forever, which works for you if you don’t like your brows after the treatment.

Although exact results will vary from person to person, depending on skin type and lifestyle, typically, microbladed brows last up to two years while ombre brows last up to three years.

Which Will Suit Me More?

If you are completely dissatisfied with your brows and want a total makeover, you should opt for eyebrow microblading because ombre brows are more suited for those who already have brows and only want to fill in the gaps and have fuller brows.

While ombre brows are ideal for those with oily skin (because the new brows will last longer), those with dry skin should opt for microblading. This is because microblading on oily skin can require several touch ups, increasing trauma to the skin.

Whatever treatment you opt for, make sure you choose an excellent artist who knows exactly what you want.

We are certified, professional trainers dealing in micro pigmentation and microblading. If you are thinking of getting an eyebrow tattoo, contact us today at (818) 401-2990!

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